Tehama County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan 2017 Update


As required by FEMA, the City shall include an opportunity for stakeholders to be involved in hazard mitigation planning activities at certain points of the update process.  In order to meet FEMA requirements, the County has developed a mitigation action review tool for stakeholders for each participating jurisdiction.   On this review tool webpage, you may comment on and prioritize mitigation actions the Planning Committee has selected for near-term implementation.  For a full explanation of the mitigation action strategy please download draft documents here.

Mitigation Prioritization: Click and drag to reorder the mitigation actions listed below in priority order from top to bottom, the higher priority mitigation actions should be placed at the top, the bottom is the lowest priority. Hit submit when complete.  Mitigation No., Hazard Type, and Descriptions of each mitigation action are found below the ranking tool.

Mitigation Action Comments: To Comment on the mitigation actions below, please follow the commenting instructions on the draft plan page here.